Triathlon Bike * Triathlon Saddle * Road Bike Pad (What ???)

Triathlon Bikes * Triathlon Saddles * ROAD BIKE PADS (What?)


In 1989 a new type of triathlon aerodynamic bike was invented. Smart saddle designers realized that the triathlon bike required the athlete to sit farther forward and rotate their hips to get into the best aerodynamic position – This hip rotation helps take advantage of the new bike design.


The new saddle was made with center cut-outs to take pressure off the soft tissue. Don't hate your saddle - Fix your pad!!



But Chamois Pads never changed!! Creating a pain zone for saddle sores to form.


The incorrect placing of the Road Bike pads in the bib shorts, Tri-suit or shorts and the incorrect shape of the pad will cause saddle sores no matter how good your new saddle is.

Don’t hate your saddle…. fix your pad!