HELPING CHILDREN in Central America

When it comes to child poverty, education and opportunities; children in Central America are one of the most underserved populations in the hemisphere. Sadly they are at the back of the line - we decided to Position Children Number One.

According to 2009 UNESCO and World Development Indicators database, the average Central American Child has slightly more than four and a half years of schooling, and in rural areas where resources are limited and poverty can be extreme, the numbers dip to around two years of education. As a result, two-to-three out of 10 Children can’t read or write, and almost half of a million children from the ages of 3 to 12 remain completely outside a formal education system.

At Position One and through our newly formed sister company Posicion Uno S.A. we know we can’t reverse those numbers overnight and certainly not alone.

We need your help to support rural schools, provide books and serve a meal to hungry children. 

To get funding we are partnering with small independent coffee farmers and purchasing their premium coffee at a fair price.

Coffee is being harvested now. We will ship as soon as it is picked, processed and roasted. Please purchase now and we will ship as soon as it is received. 

 With your purchase of 1 lb. of coffee; 100% of the profits will Position children and their needs “Numero Uno” – Thank you