Position One

Pressure Relief Saddle - In Production - In Stock!!

$225.00 USD

This is a very light weight saddle (204 grams) with a shape designed to relieve saddle discomfort. 100% carbon shell with 9 X 7 oval composite rails (clamp to 7 Nm). If pared with out bib, short or tri-suit you will have a perfect match resulting in unparalleled comfort.


The cover is embossed with just enough textured elements in the correct areas to prevent unwanted slipping while allowing for easy position adjustment on the go. The outer and inner edges of the cover are ultra slick to prevent thigh and center region friction. 


The foam is a combination on PU and EVA - support and comfort.


With a long/large inner cut-out the full length of the saddle you will not experience any numbness or uncomfortable pressure regardless of where you sit. Our semi-noseless front removes pressure from soft tissue providing maximum blood flow and no genital numbness. 


The shape of the saddle is designed to provide the perfect support  for athletes that rotate forward primarily riding in the aero position. The wider rear section of the saddle provides support when a rider rolls their hips backward to sit in a more upright position while climbing or during a rest from the aero position.


Critically important,  the saddle construction is specifically designed so you and your fitter can position the padded side sections in the best position to support the short weight-bearing bone structure (forward of the "sits- bones") while riding in the aero position resulting in maximal comfort.