Intro to saddle sores

Just about every new rider experiences mild saddle sores. Experienced riders might get mild saddle sores after the purchase of a new saddle or at the beginning of a new riding season. Its normal and should go away after a few rides!


Most cyclists don’t really want to talk about saddle sores.


 It is important to know what is normal and expected short term soreness vs what could be a more serious situation that needs to be addressed right away. The sooner you address serious or continuous saddle sores the better.


 There are two points referred to as “sits-bones” that a riders’ weight bears-down-on when riding in the road bike position (up-right). After a few rides the soreness should go away. Even athletes that ride on spin bikes get these short term sore spots.


If you get redness, swelling, small lumps or longer term pain – there are some steps to take to end that suffering:


  1. Stay clean – after every ride get out of your kit and clean up as soon as possible.
  2. If you shave – don’t shave for a while.
  3. Use a high quality healing cream before, during and after your ride.
  4. Consult your professional bike fitter to make sure your saddle is appropriate and your fit is correct on the bike.
  5. Use a high quality riding short/bib.

Don’t hate your saddle…. fix your pad!