Lets' all Try Harder

Lets' All Try Harder


More for us all to do. I was talking to a fellow triathlete the other day and he said something that resonated with me. He said, " Every time I go into a Road Bike Shop I feel like an outsider, I just don't seem to belong"- there seems to be a lot of that in our culture today. Since I have experienced the same feeling - I decided to ask other triathletes about their experiences. One after another shared related experiences and very similar stories.


Soon after I decided I would do the opposite of what I had felt at the bike shop in an effort to create our own “Triathlon Feeling” - make everyone feel welcome.


I started asking how people were doing and if there was anything I could do to help. But really, I wanted to do something more tangible.


I decide I would do free "fits" for any new athlete that wanted to do a
triathlon. During the fit I would ask, “would you like me to just help with a fit or would you like to learn about the process, about the bike” – 100% asked to learn. Then I started showing people how to fix flats, then basic maintenance and asking if they wanted to join me on a run.


As a community, each one of us can help welcome new people, help grow the industry and create the “Triathlon Feeling”.


It’s been a year now and I actively look for people to help. They may think its’ for them but – its’ for us and it makes me feel good.


Next time you’re at the pool – share a lane, give a kid some pointers or encourage a high school swim member. If you have some time – show a new rider how to fix a flat, adjust a brake or give them some old spares lying in “that corner”. Just try and smile and welcome every new person to the sport. You will feel good about yourself and help spread the “Triathlon Feeling”.

Don’t hate your saddle…. fix your pad!