No More Pain - Pad Position

The first in a few small bites of information:

Let’s talk about pad position.

Next time you are out on a group aero ride look at the riders in front of you and you will notice that the main two round sections of their pad is behind them when riding in aero! The narrow section is exactly where you don’t want it – in front and down the middle. The saddle cut out helps with the improperly placed narrow section.

This post from a Slowtwitch forum member back in March – sums up the main issue.

“For years i was using some bib shorts from local shop...but now i tried some bibs from others.. Like castelli endurance and so... Whats wrong with chamois is too far back.
When i get in aero clips, under my front side there is nothing...all chamois is far far back...
Tried also Endura bibs, Gobik and some Odlo and craft...same store”.

When riding in the upright road position (sitting on your sits – bones) a high quality regular pad is great. But, as you rotate forward in the aero position – you no longer support your weight on the sits-bones. The pad needed to be shaped like an aero saddle and moved forward.

Our pad does that.

Don’t hate your saddle…. fix your pad!