No More Saddle Sores! - Nuts and Bolts of it.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts as to how/why athletes are getting relief with Position One products, how they are different and why we make them the way we do.

I will take each topic (feature) in "bite size" pieces in the next few entries on this thread.

I will start with full agreement that many companies can and do use great base material in the construction of their bib or short (the main body of the garment) including straps, seam construction, reflectivity, pockets etc. We know those items are excellent in our products - even better than most - but here are others that we believe do a fantastic job in these areas - Assos, Desoto, Rapha, Castelli.

But, the things list above are not why athletes are purchasing our products.

There are three main features (differences) with our products.

1. Pad Placement - where our pad sits within each of our products.
2. Shape - how we make our shapes and why.
3. Construction - how 3D (additive manufacturing) of the pad changes our ability to manipulate the various densities, variable thickness, moisture wicking characteristics of each area of the pad, foam type as well as thickness and contour of the pad.

And then there are all the little things.

We will get into all of this next.

Don’t hate your saddle…. fix your pad!